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12 Reasons to give to EVN

Reason 1. “My involvement in EVN has allowed me to have access to and quickly engage a really rich set of individuals and resources that have aided us in a number of projects.  The network is so valuable I took five members of my team to the 2012 conference and held a workshop session for EVN to recommend principles for LA County’s tallying system.  Without EVN, we might not have had that same level of access or information.”

     – Dean Logan, L.A. County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk


Reason 2. “As someone who prefers to rely on evidence and expertise – as opposed to partisanship and spin – in shaping the laws and procedures affecting next generation of election administrators, I have come to count on EVN and its members for an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the technical issues confronting the profession today. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t learn something important from the discussions on the EVN list, and the annual conferences are a powerful reminder of the value of unbiased yet deeply passionate commitment to a healthy democracy.”

     –Doug Chapin, Center for the Study of Politics and Governance, University of Minnesota


Reason 3. “We were working against a policy that would have turned back the clock.  Our opponents thought we were a huge grassroots organization and we got some big names to sign on but it all started with EVN—it was the difference between losing the battle and winning the battle.”

     –David Becker, Making Voting Work Project, The Pew Charitable Trusts


Reason 4. “I am involved in and support the Elections Verification Network because I believe in the unique value of EVN to the Elections community. Elections and voting have been at the center of my life for the past 28 years. I have worked at both the county level here in Florida, and for election vendors supporting local election officials all across the nation. In all these years, I have not seen a more diverse, dedicated, passionate, nor capable group of people committed to protecting that most basic right of democracy, the right of the people to vote. The Elections Verification Network is worth supporting. If we do not do so, who will?” 

     Mark Earley, Voting Systems Manager, Leon County Florida


Reason 5. “There used to be a conflict between access and integrity, and between election administrators and advocates. The Election Verification Network really stepped in and created a space where everyone could convene and inform the other side about their perspective, and learn from the other side as well. We used to get frustrated with each other, but what we now understand is we have to have respect for the other side and the challenges that we all face.  That’s where the Election Verification Network has come in.”

     –Tammy Patrick, Presidential Commission on Election Administration


Reason 6. “EVN has allowed me to get the legal help and technical advice I need to focus on the right problems. I regard EVN as crucial to all I’ve done recently—it’s the access to many informed opinions from a diverse network.”

     –Duncan Buell, Department of Computer Science, University of South Carolina


Reason 7. “EVN has become a safe and productive place to think through, talk about and resolve some of the problems that arise in voting technology across the country.”

     –Jeremy Epstein, Senior Computer Scientist, SRI International (on loan to the National Science Foundation)


Reason 8. “If there has been an election problem in the news, EVN is the first place I turn to for the true facts and for informed discussion from several different perspectives. It’s where all the experts are. There is really no other comparable source of information.”

     –Professor David Dill, Departments of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University


Reason 9. “There is nowhere else I can discuss, debate and learn from so many people with so many different perspectives on improving elections…EVN stands apart in providing a safe place for diverse—even contradictory views.”

     –Whitney Quesenbery, Center for Civic Design


Reason 10. “EVN brings together a team of experts, activists and election officials who are focused on safeguarding our elections.  It’s a resource I can access every day, and I’m incredibly grateful for it.”

     –Larry Norden, Brennan Center


Reason 11. “I have found the members of EVN to be willing and eager to teach this EA all I can absorb about electronic voting security and new auditing methods.  An alliance of electronic system security experts and experienced elections administrators is our best hedge against repeating the stagnation of the last 10 years.  Together, we make a powerful team that can serve voters and the new voting programs they are demanding well into the future.”

     –Dana DeBeauvoir, Travis County Clerk


Reason 12. “2003 was a time of uncertainty and alarm on the voting technology front in California, with paperless electronic voting machines in widespread use across the state. Problems with the equipment led to thousands of California voters being disenfranchised in 2004. Just two years later, 40,000 California touchscreens were retrofitted with printers or replaced with paper-based, optical scan voting systems. I credit the Election Verification Network for providing advocates like me with access to the information and experts we needed to successfully fight the uphill battle to secure our voting equipment. EVN is an invaluable resource because it provides an easy way for busy people from all corners of the election community – election officials, academics, computer scientists, attorneys and advocates – to come together to share information and ideas. This kind of resource is crucial to the ongoing challenges we continue to face in keeping our voting equipment, laws and policies secure and up to date.”

     –Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation


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